Paris Marathon


In April 2017, Dr Garrett ran the Paris Marathon and raised $5000 for cancer research. The marathon journey began in November when the serious training started. Three runs a week – tempo run on Monday, interval training on Wednesday (thanks to Emily Burrows from EBFit) and The Long Run on Saturday. A total of 600km was to be run by the time the marathon rolled around. Training was hard work and very tiring for the most part. The thing I looked forward to most was our Saturday morning breakfast venue each week – reward after a long run. The next best thing was my weekly massage on the Sunday – good recovery for my legs and got me through the training without injury!

Marathon Day dawned bright and very sunny with an expected temperature of 240C. Luckily we had been training all summer so we were used to the heat – many runners were dropping like flies because it was so hot. My race plan was simple – slow and steady with nothing new on race day. Over 50,000 people started the race – but not everyone crossed the finish line. The top 3 men and women completed the run in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes – under half my time of 5 hours and 16 minutes. Whilst I was slow, about 10,000 people were slower than me!! The first 20km went by uneventfully, the next 10km became a little boring so podcasts became my friend. The last 12km were just hard work. However, we had a support crew of 9 people who dotted themselves about at various intervals - they were a welcome sight to cheer us on when spirits were flagging. Thanks Emily, Andrew, Leigh, Oliver, Diana, Kath, Roseanne, Barbie and Belle. We all crossed the finish line within a few minutes of each other – with a celebratory hug at the end! Then it was champagne, bread, cheese, ham and pastries for our reward!!

Thank you to everyone who donated to CanToo. The money raised will help fund a cancer researcher for 12 months.


Morning Tea


A morning tea was held at the practice in February to coincide with Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Approximately $300 was raised for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation. Thank you to all who donated to the cause.




Ovarian Cancer Ribbons (Teal Colour) are available for purchase at the rooms. $2.00 is donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.