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Patient Information

by | Aug 13, 2019


All consultations require a referral from your local doctor or another specialist. Once an appointment has been made, the Practice Manager will ensure that all necessary investigations (Ultrasound, CT, Blood Tests) have been arranged prior to your visit. An initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes. During this time your full medical history will be obtained and a physical examination will be performed. Dr Andrea Garrett will explain the likely diagnosis and make a plan for management. In some cases this will require further investigations prior to any surgical procedure. If a surgical procedure is to be arranged, consent will be obtained and an operation date will be given. Following any surgical procedure you will need a six-week post-operative visit to ensure that your recovery has gone smoothly. Further follow up consultations may also be necessary.

Fees and Quotes

This practice uses the standard AMA Schedule of fees for consultations and surgical procedures. Payment is expected and appreciated on the day of your appointment. Credit card, EFTPOS, cash and cheque facilities are available.

Prior to any surgical procedure an “Estimate of Costs” or Quote will be generated. This estimate is for the surgical fee only. Other costs that are likely to apply are anaesthetic costs, pathology and/or radiology costs and hospital fees. Medicare and Private Health Funds will cover part of these costs, however in most instances there will also be an out of pocket cost. A deposit will be required prior to the date of surgery for all inpatient procedures.

Should there be any issues regarding the fees please discuss these with the Practice Manager or Dr Andrea Garrett prior to your planned surgery.