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Follow Up Schedule

by | Aug 16, 2019

Six-Week Check

Every patient that has a surgical procedure will see Dr Andrea Garrett for a routine post-operative check up at six weeks. At this visit you will be questioned about the recovery period and you will have an examination to ensure that all wounds have healed properly.

Benign Conditions

If your condition was benign (non-cancer) you will be discharged back to your GP. You are welcome to attend the practice again for any ongoing concerns.

LLETZ Procedures

If you had a LLETZ procedure or Cone Biopsy you will require further follow up at six, twelve and twenty-four months after your surgery. At these visits you will require a repeat PAP Smear and Colposcopy.

Malignant Conditions

If your condition was for a gynaecologic cancer you will have regular follow up. At these visits Dr Andrea Garrett will ask questions about your general health and examine you to ensure there is no evidence of recurrence. Your follow up schedule will be individualised. In most instances you will be seen every 3-4 months for two years, then every 6 months for three years and then every 12 months for the next five years. If there are any concerns outside of these scheduled visits please contact the rooms to make an appointment to be seen earlier.

Some women will require adjuvant treatment with either Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy or a combination of both. You will be referred to a Medical Oncologist or Radiation Oncologist for this treatment. At the completion of this treatment you will return to see Dr Andrea Garrett and a long term follow up plan will be instituted. Your follow up visits will be co-ordinated between all specialties and any double up will try to be avoided.

For those women who live outside Brisbane and South East Queensland, follow up will be shared with your local Gynaecologist or General Practitioner.

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

After being diagnosed with this condition your Bhcg levels (pregnancy hormone) will be monitored weekly until they become negative. You will then require monthly testing for 6 to 12 months depending on your diagnosis. Dr Andrea Garrett will notify you when you no longer require testing.